Working hypotheses

5. Thesis: Precarious working conditions prevent science communication. Because many citizens lack an understanding of science, it plays too small a role in political processes.


Science communication enables the sharing of scientific knowledge between scientists and society. Citizens need access to the current state of knowledge in research in order to participate in political processes and opinion building. An understanding of science protects against pseudoscience and strengthens the public’s trust in scientific processes. In addition, the population contributes to the generation of knowledge through tax money and thus acquires the right to be informed about the current state of knowledge. Scientists should have the opportunity to exercise science communication. For this, the necessary framework conditions, also in the form of recognition, must be in place. Science communication is currently a luxury that can only be realized by a few. Good communication on complex topics requires time and financial resources: both are lacking in everyday science life. Science communication is not incentivized because it does not advance careers. Science communication must be given a career-enhancing status alongside publications and must be supported.

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