Types of membership

Types of membership: What’s the difference?

Supporting Member
You like our projects and want to help spreading the mission of RespectScience e.V.? With a supporting membership you give your voice to our projects and support our mission without the need to do much. It is up to you to decide whether you would also like to be actively involved, for example, with the management of social media accounts or events, or whether you would just like to be a silent supporter of our movement. Supporting members are invited to actively participate in events and campaigns of RespectScience e.V. and also help shape the development process.

Sponsoring Member
Would you like to support us financially on a regular basis and receive detailed insights into all our projects? As a sponsoring member we will keep you up to date. You will get insights into the current status and progress of our projects without having to actively participate. If you wish, you can also get active in events and campaigns and support us by providing your feedback.

Active Member
Would you like to become part of the core team of RespectScience e. V. and become regularly and actively involved in the association? As an active member, you have access to all of the association’s internal documents, can stand for election to offices and are entitled to vote in the association’s internal votes. The prerequisite for this is your participation in a plenary meeting at which your application is voted on.

Become a member

Donate: You are a fan of vaccines and would like to give our association a little money-jab? See here for our account info. A donation receipt will be issued upon request.

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