The Federal Conference of Women’s and Gender Equality Representatives at Universities (bukof) is the gender-political voice in the discourse on science and higher education policy. The bukof unites all those who shape the structure and culture of universities in Germany in a gender-just way.


Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW)

The Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) (GEW) is the education union in the German Trade Union Confederation. We organize employees in all areas of education – from kindergarten to university. Our members include doctoral students, postdocs, university teachers, teachers for special tasks, scientific employees, employees in science management and service facilities, technology and administration. Students can also join the GEW.

The GEW stands up for the interests of its members. And it helps them to know and enforce their rights – with personal advice and union legal protection. We are convinced that in science, too, it is not elbow strategy but solidarity that leads to improvements.

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Sustainable Leadership e.V.

Sustainability in science is not just about plastic in the lab! It is
also about promoting working conditions that prevent drop out, e.g.
through good leadership. Because let’s face it, in academia you are
praised for the number of papers with your name on them rather than your
leadership style.

At Sustainable Leadership e.V. our goal ist to change that! We were
founded by four young academics – we came together via three conferences
of different networks and built a strong team during the lockdown that
is united by our goal.

We organise regular meetings to connect scientists. We use different
formats to provide input on topics such as new leadership, communication
and work culture and to exchange ideas. We also conduct our own research
on sustainable leadership and work in academia and publish our findings!


Arbeitskreis Erstveröffentlichung

The Arbeitskreis Erstveröffentlichung (AKE) is a network on publication and co-determination in science. Our network advocates for the interests of aspiring authors in academia.

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